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Ah-HA!...You Found Me


I grew up loving art. It created an outlet for me and it took my mind into unimaginable places; and still does. I would draw on my clothes, the walls, my pets, my parents...everything! But, I've also always had a business driven state of mind. My thinking has always been " This is fun! I need to start my own business!" Whether it was customizing shoes or riding bikes. And so I went to school for both art and business. I have undergrad degrees from both Virginia Commonwealth University and The Art Institute. 


I draw inspiration from Swiss designers such as Max Huber, urban street art, and artist such as Jackson Pollock, Paula Scher, and Milton Glaser. I also value individuals who have been influential in the world of design and advertising such as George Lois.


I prefer to be labeled as a "Visual Communicator." I revel in knowing that I can visually communicate how an individual or business chooses to be interpreted by their audience even if that audience is just an eager family member waiting for a wedding invitation or a corporate office looking for the perfect branding package.


I enjoy creating solutions to problems because the "Ah-HA!" moment is priceless.


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